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Glims Development Build

Glims 1b29 development build is ready for testing.

The dev build is currently very unstable and causes random crashes on Lion. We are working around the clock to fix all the issues we received, and right now it looks like it is going to take us the week end to finish.

This version is a maintenance update for WebKit2 Safari versions.

Please let us know if you find any issues.

This is a development build, not a release, meaning that it may contain issues. The more testers try it, the more stable and bug free our published build will be.

This is very important to us and we want to thank all of you for being so great about it.


Click here to Download ( July 13, 2011 / Size: 4.3 Meg )

The uninstaller can be found at this link: Glims Uninstaller

In this release:

  • Safari compatibility issues.

We test our builds internally on the following platforms:

  • Leopard with Safari 5 (6533.16)
  • Leopard with Safari 4.0.3 (5531.9)
  • Leopard with Safari 3.1 (5525.28.3)
  • Snow Leopard with Safari 5 (6533.16)


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It would be good if Glims was remade as a Safari 5 extension.

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We are currently reviewing the extension API to see what part of Glims we can provide. I will make a post as soon as we know more.

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Force auto complete isn't working with Wells Fargo website...

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Installed but not working properly on restore last session

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After a "successful installation" Glims has completely disappeared from my Safari 5. If I want it back i need to reinstall 1b24.

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I don't know if this has already been reported but after installing the development build of Glims, snapback no longer works with Yahoo! and Bing. Even after disabling the search plugin it still does not work. That was one of the first things I noticed after upgrading to Safari 5 was that snapback now works with Yahoo! and Bing.

Right now it only works with Google.

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Thx for this plugin. It truly is great and makes Safari immensely more user friendly.

I have a request tho, I was wondering if the restore session function can override the setting in New windows open with. I found it rather annoying to have Glims restore my session and then the New windows open with setting to inject an extra tab with whatever is set there.

Thx! Keep up the good work!. BTW, Glims is OSS right? If so, where is the source code?

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I don't know if it is Glims, but when I use keyboard controls in Google Reader, it always crashes. don't have any other input mangers installed, so I think it is Glims. And Safari does not crash with Glims uninstalled. Thanks a lot guys for your great work!

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Really liking Glims so far. Couple of things...

Bug (I think): noticed that when I close a tab and then undo it always reopens two copies of the closed tab.

Feature Request: would love to be able to set a default search engine to use when I don't supply a keyword. so for example typing 'glims rules' in the address bar would do a google search for 'glims rules'. The way keywurl dealt with this was to treat anything with a whitespace in as something to send to the default search engine.

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Anyone else here having problems with the Search suggestion panel? Mine's not working on either machine. Last time that happened, Google changed its search code requiring a revision in Glims.

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@Gemini: got the same problem. Seems to be fixed in the version of 7. August. Try to reinstall.. (I also used the Uninstaller before)

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On any RSS summary page, if I click on an entry, then click back to the original RSS summary page, all unread RSS entries now appear as "read". Seems this started happening with the latest release. Anyone else seeing this?

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I agree with William on that

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At this time Safari Extensions wont let us do everything we need. but we are not giving up.

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There is a feature from TabmixPlus on Firefox I'd love to see in Glims. You click to switch to a tab like normal. But if you click on the same tab again, it'll switch back to the original tab. This feature is killer for quickly switching between tabs. I love it for comparing specs or info from two different pages.

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The best for requests is to email us. I added yours to the list (mid priority).

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Nice to see development build can restore minimized windows. Keep up the good work, love full screen browsing :-)

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Hmmm... So, I've just upgraded to Lion. When I launched Safari, no Glims and no saved tabs (oops!). Any way to recover them?

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Installed 1b29 development build on Lion. Can you tell me where the LastSession file is now located. I use an automator action to automatically backup the file on an hourly basis so I can have previous session files as I find occasions when restarting Safari crashes and I lose the previous session.

Thanks, Rich

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I just upgraded from Safari 5.0 to 5.1 (on 10.6.8) so I also had to upgrade from Glims b28 to b29. The Glims upgrade restored almost all functionality, but I have one issue: When using the Safari search field before, command-clicking the Google search results opened a new tab with the site from that result. I used that a lot, but it does not work like that anymore with b29. The only way to go to the result is simply clicking on it, so it opens in the currently selected tab. Of course, I can open a new (empty) tab before searching, but command-clicking a result (so it opens in a new tab) obviously was more comfortable and flexible. I hope you will be able to restore that functionality.

Thank you for all the great work with Glims!

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GoLive 9 and Glims b29 dont´t work. Unable to load shared libraries at start. After remove Glims work fine again.

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I posted this on Facebook, but I'll re-post it here: Command-Shift-Enter in the search form does not focus the newly created tab. (Safari 5.1 on Lion)

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(reposted from Facebook)

Thanks so much for Glims! I've used it and loved it since Inquisitor switched to Yahoo! results.

This new dev build is great! There's only one thing that's not working for me in my usage. Search Suggestions don't display in full screen mode (Lion, Safari 5.1).

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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In Safari 6 it still says "Search with Google" though the alternate search engine is selected on the right. That does not affect on the functionality, just an aesthetic issue. Screenshot:

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Version 1.0.43 (10004300) seems to have a bug with search engines on Yosemite. Every time Safari is launched Bing defaults as the selected Glims search engine and it won't switch to Google even if it's selected on both Glims and Safari settings.